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We will discus the common issues relating to kids and parents and how to fix it.

Is this school the right choice?

Is there a registration fee?

Are there hidden fees?

Are students getting belts every 2 -3 months?

Is the kids class more games than actual martial arts?

Does the school tell you what makes you happy instead of the truth?

Are there mostly STOCK PHOTOS on the website, and there is barely any VIDEO of actual students.

Is the school NOT actively registered with an organization?

Do the instructors NOT have proof of their own continued education?

Are the instructors not able explain the science of the motions?

Is the instructor a MASTER and under the age of 40?

Does the school think you can get a black belt training 1 - 2 days per week?

Does the school prioritize ACROBATICS over practical technique and self defense?

Does the school list itself as a NO CONTACT Martial Art?

The school does not have any body conditioning against an attacker?

Are the only boards broken less than an inch thick or cut into long rectangles?

Does the school NOT invest in advanced equipment?