-  Why Choose Us?  -

Billing & Service

  • No  locked contracts

  • No Registration Fees

  • Great customer service


  •   BSc  degree in  kinesiology            and  physical  education 

  •  International Certified School

  •  Over  25+ years experience



  •  Multiple locations, Sugar Land.

  • Online educational materials

  • Make-up   classes   available 

  • After school Taekwon-do     program (private and public)

-  Our instructors  -

Raed Alfaleet

Head  Instructor

Fit & Kick Owner


#  BSc in kineseology and physical education

#   4th degree black belt in ITF Taekwondo

#   Kickboxing & Kobudo Weapons

#   25 years of teaching experience 

#   CPR Certified

Alyssa Alfaleet

Assistant Instructor

and Office Manager


#   2nd degree Black belt in ITF  Taekwon-do

#   BSc in film and video, University of Miami

#   8  years expereince of customer service

#   2010  Rhodes Scholarship nominee

#   CPR Certified     


Teaching method  -

Stage 1:

  • Teach listening skills and how to         follow directions through games 

  • Introduce simple martial arts skills     so kids feel  a sense of "Yes I can."

  • More fun and games as a reward 

        for the students who show respect.

Stage 2:

  •   Give them a real challenge in     fitness and martial arts skills.

  •   If  at first you don't succeed,         try and try again.

  •   Hard time  for poor behavior         Lose rewards and no fun time. 

Stage 3:

  • Be Tough on students about any          behavior issues or weaknesses    in their skills and performance.

  •  Teach students responsibility            and  leading  the class as teacher

  •  Comply with Taekwon-do Tenants


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