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  We Walk The Talk...Do You?  

# Certified ITF School & Instructors      # Spacious Clean Gym & Top Equipment.       # Digital Tutorials & great customer service

  Rules To Enforce Quality Programs  

Auto payment is active ( no payment pauses ). Make up classes, 1 on 1 correction & zoom are available . When kids stop training for two months while their friends continue, guess what happens? Kids lose confidence and interest because their friends are performing better. Then they ask their parents to find a different activity and don’t overcome the challenges. We created Zoom to help avoid this problem entirely. You can learn wherever you are at least once a week to maintain what you have. Upon returning, we work very hard to keep everyone going at the same pace and the same level as possible.

Cancel M to M plans anytime. We back charge M to M rates for any emergency cancellation of annual plans . You can cancel month to month plans anytime by email, We will back charge you the month to month rates If you cancel your annual plan for an emergency reason like you moved far away “50 miles” rate. For example, if your annual plan is 3 days / week and cancel after 6 months, your back charge fee = 6 months X $100 difference rate / Month = $600 to stop lessons immediately.

Registration & first month’s fees are NOT refundable. No sibling discounts and we are not a daycare ...

We reserve the right to refuse service, especially “stop and go” students who create obstacles & disturb classes.


 (1)    Kids lead their parents to make poor decisions.

Yes, fun is good to motivate kids but once we level up (like running a mile & more discipline)  kids complain

"I dooon't liiike it"  ...  For your kid’s sake  ... DON'T reply  "Honey, you don't have to do it"

(2)    Taekwon-do is not a priority among many other activities.

Too many activities will lead to failure and burn out. Kids lose confidence seeing others performing better.


 (3)    Students and parents want new belts even with low attendance.

Be patient & let your kids earn their belts. Don’t let your ego be your worst enemy.

 (4)    Choosing a Taekwon-do school based on price and convenience. 

We are worth what you pay for ( big school with quality classes & actively developing our skills )


 (5)    Poor management for expenses and priorities.

Please mange and plan correctly to have opportunities like national & international competitions.

(6)    Joining only for " look at me & resume reasons".

The most important reasons should be having a healthy body & mind and self-defense.


(7)     I am quitting because I am not the best.  

Everyone is unique. We’re here to help unlock your max potential and take your stress away.




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