Raed Alfaleet

Head Instructor

Fit & Kick Owner

Alyssa Alfaleet

Assistant Instructor and  Office  Manager



#   BSc in kineseology and physical education

#   4th degree black belt in ITF Taekwondo

#   Kickboxing & Kobudo Weapons

#   25 years of teaching experience 

#   CPR Certified


Raed's first batch of students were his fifty nieces and nephews back in his home town.  His unique relationship with the students and their parents has had a great impact on his teaching style.   He is invested not only is seeing them acheive black belt, but grow into succesful adults.  He strives to keep in close contact with parents and help children overcome behavioral issues, learn responsibility, leadership skills and embody the famous ITF indominatble spirit. 


Raed's education background is in Kinesiology and physical training.  His long term goal is to complete a doctorate at the University of Houston investigating the effectiveness of current martial arts techniques and possibly improve upon them.



#   2nd degree Black belt in ITF  Taekwon-do

#   BSc in film and video, University of Miami

#   8  years expereince of customer service

#   2010  Rhodes Scholarship nominee

#   CPR Certified



I beleive in teaching children and adults to keep a CAN DO attitude. Not only do I forbid the phrase "I can't" in my class, I make a point of creating a no excuses atmosphere.


Parents should never underestimate their kids, and children should know they can accomplish anything they put their minds to with enough time and dedication.