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Building Confidence & Eliminating Anxiety

"You get up at that podium to give your speech and you look like there is a bear in the room about to eat you. I don't see a bear anywhere, so stop freaking out."

--- University Public Speaking Professor

Did you know that your brain has the same chemical response to rejection from other people as it does to sustaining a major physical injury? No wonder it's so easy to feel extremely stressed over seemingly harmless tasks or situations. How do we help our children overcome these hurdles and grow into successful, mature adults?


A lot of parents avoid putting their kids in situations that make them anxious or uncomfortable, because your child's discomfort makes you anxious. This approach sets them up to be anxious adults. Kids don't know what is best for them, and need your guidance. Letting a child choose to avoid new, different or stressful situations re-affirms to the kid that he or she CAN'T handle things and can runaway from struggles and problems.

Teaching kids how to deal with discomfort, struggle and even fail is the most important lesson you can give. It makes people Tenacious and Humble. It helps focus on self-improvement instead of the simplicity of success and failure.

Kids Issues

Limited social skills 

Temper tantrum & Not following directions

Screen Time  & weight issues 

Disrespectful Behavior, bullying & violence 

Scared  to try a new  activity ( easy to say no )

Coming Soon 

How to fix it 

What may happens if you ignore it ?

Parents Issues

Not firm with their Kids

Quitting easily & not facing challenges 

Don't appreciate our hard work ( Just Daycare )

Choosing a school based on price & convenience 
Taekwondo is not a priority among many other 

Coming Soon 

How to fix it 

What may happens if you ignore it ?

 (1)    Kids lead their parents to make poor decisions.

Yes, fun is good to motivate kids but once we level up (like running a mile & more discipline)  kids complain

"I dooon't liiike it"  ...  For your kid’s sake  ... DON'T reply  "Honey, you don't have to do it"

(2)    Taekwon-do is not a priority among many other activities.

Too many activities will lead to failure and burn out. Kids lose confidence seeing others performing better.


 (3)    Students and parents want new belts even with low attendance.

Be patient & let your kids earn their belts. Don’t let your ego be your worst enemy.

 (4)    Choosing a Taekwon-do school based on price and convenience. 

We are worth what you pay for ( big school with quality classes & actively developing our skills )


 (5)    Poor management for expenses and priorities.

Please mange and plan correctly to have opportunities like national & international competitions.

(6)    Joining only for " look at me & resume reasons".

The most important reasons should be having a healthy body & mind and self-defense.


(7)     I am quitting because I am not the best.  

Everyone is unique. We’re here to help unlock your max potential and take your stress away.




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